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Campaign Endorsement

“Several months ago, the Pittsburg Police Officer’s Association was introduced to Janell Proctor who indicated she was running for California State Assembly, District 14. Ms. Proctor showed empathy and compassion for the tough challenges currently facing public safety. Unlike many current political candidates, Ms. Proctor stated that before she could formulate effective solutions to these complicated issues, she needed to fully understand a policing perspective. Ms. Proctor spent countless hours on multiple occasions engaging our association in dialogue for positive change. Ms. Proctor participated in ride-a-longs where she eagerly engaged our officers about important topics such as departmental and community relations, our current homelessness crisis, mental health awareness and de-escalation options. In a time where many politicians are selling solutions absent of a sincere investment towards first fully understanding the problem, Ms. Proctor stood alone in her approach. The Pittsburg Police Officer’s Association firmly believes that through her hard work, genuine dialogue and a logical approach Janell Proctor is exactly the leadership that our community needs in these unprecedented times. We are truly honored to provide our endorsement to her candidacy and fully support her compassionate approach towards supporting our community.”

Pittsburg Police Officer’s Association



From Ballet to the Ballot...

The Candidate

“I cannot sit idly by watching my beautiful district and state go to the wayside. I’m daring to dance in this competition for your liberty and freedom. I am willing to be in the spotlight, so that your future will be bright for generations to come.”
Meet Janell

“I believe that every Californian has a right to prosper, realize a dream and provide for their family”

Our Priorities

“Classically trained in ballet with the real life experience of building a business to put myself through school”

2020 California Statewide Candidate Forum

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TV Fusion Latina

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A Chat with Janell Proctor
Contra Costa Today
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March 2020 Election Round Table

Contra Costa Television

Election Preview

CA Assembly Dist 14


Bob Butler – KCBS Radio

March 2020 Candidates

Cassandra Devereaux

Janell Proctor

Tim Grayson


Official Ballot Statement

The turning point for California has arrived with Janell Proctor, MBA. As your Assemblywoman, I will work to bring balanced solutions to Sacramento with compassion, conviction, and courage. Therefore, my top priority is balancing the health of our citizens with the health of our economy.    

As your Assemblywoman, I will:  

  • Repeal AB5.  I want to give free-lance and gig-economy workers a chance to provide for themselves and their families. The fight to repeal AB5 is personal on two fronts: I saved and sacrificed to put myself through school by working as an independent sales contractor, and I was a ballerina for many years. Workers in these industries are being threatened by the overreaching nature of AB5.  I will do everything in my power to ensure it is repealed.    
  • Deliver creative solutions to safely re-open schools and small businesses, when deemed medically appropriate, so they can thrive amid COVID-19. 


  • Repeal the gas tax. As a fellow commuter, I understand the need for affordable and reliable transportation methods for all my constituents.        
  • Keep Communities Safe by supporting secured funding, training, and common-sense solutions for our heroic Public Safety and emergency first responders. 


  • Cultivate ingenuity by modernizing infrastructure to prevent power outages and fires.  


  • Support Veterans by passionately advocating for quality mental health & career resources.  I firmly believe in giving back to those who are willing to give their all for our great country.  


As citizens, it is time to reclaim our inalienable rights and liberties.

Balance The Power in Sacramento

November 3rd 2020

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Janell Proctor, MBA
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